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Environmental Health

Environmental Scientist

Environmental public health focuses on protecting groups of people from threats to their health and safety posed by their environments.  Protecting people from environmental health threats requires an understanding of basic human needs and how the environment can affect them.

Food Service

Food code (link)

Food ordinance (link)--food safety guidelines (emp. training, Mobile food req.)--plan review for new/remodel

Applications/process (brick and mortar/mobile/temporary)

Home based kitchen--bunch of stuff (farmers market, etc.)--USDA


Link to listing of companies that service rest. safety equipment

Resources/information (link)

Food sources 

Washing Hands
Man Holding Pipe

On-Site Wastewater


Ordinance (link)

Green book (link)

Permit application packet/forms

PC registered onsite installers (pdf link)


New facilities/facility remodel-plan review

Annual inspection of facilities in the county

Local lodging ordinance (link ordinance)

Water testing kits (facility that serves public-has to be Tested monthly)

Hotel Room
Kids in Preschool


Inspections through DHSS contracts

Requirements for daycares (fill in)

Educate on requirements

Healthy Homes




Vectors/bugs/other pests

Water testing kits (facility that serves public-has to be Tested monthly)

Link to landlord tenant law

White Wooden House
Drops of Water

Wells and Well Water

Education and information

"How to" shock a well

Water testing kits (facility that serves public-has to be tested monthly)

Emergency Response

Interruption of water

Power outages

Truck crashes

Natural disasters

Severe Climate
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