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Malinda Nevils, BSN RN

The Pettis County Health Center is a local public health agency funded by local taxes, contracts with Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, as well as other grant sources. Our focus is on improving the health of the community.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Friday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

History the Pettis County Health Center

The first public health services in Pettis County were provided in 1938 by Elizabeth Abney R.N.  She worked for about one year and retired to get married.  Public health returned in 1959 under the supervision of the County Court, now the County Commission.  Funding was provided through the county and by contracts with the Missouri Department of Health and Social Services.  The years of 1960 - 1961 provide the first reports of organized public health services. Early public health issues focused on communicable diseases, lack of immunization in children and children not attending school due to health problems. Public health services remained the responsibility of  the county commission until the current

organization of the Pettis County Health Center under Missouri statute Chapter 205 in 1986.  At that time, the voters of Pettis County passed a 10 cent tax levy to fund public health. The Pettis County Health Center is governed by an elected Board of Trustees that oversees operations of the Health Center.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Pettis County Health Center is made up of 5 elected residents of the county.  The Trustees represent various areas of the county and come from a variety of backgrounds. All Trustees are elected by all county voters - there are not districts. Board of Trustees serve for a 4 year term and are volunteers.

Board meetings are held monthly at the Pettis County Health Center beginning at 4:45 pm.  Meetings are open to the public and will be streamed via “Facebook Live”.

Agendas are posted in the lobby entrance of the Health Center (and outside of the entrance door) before the meeting.


As elected officials of a political subdivision, the Trustees strive to represent the residents of Pettis County.

The current Trustees are:

Ann Richardson--Chair
Brandy Von Holten--Secretary
Amanda McClain--Vice Chair
Phyllis Sue Domann--Trustee
Mike Kroeger--Treasurer
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