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Child and Adolescent Health

Learning to Skate

According to the World Health Organization, adolescence is the phase of life between childhood and adulthood, from ages 10 to 19. It is a unique stage of human development and an important time for laying the foundations of good health.

Adolescents experience rapid physical, cognitive and psychosocial growth. This affects how they feel, think, make decisions, and interact with the world around them. 

 During this phase, adolescents establish patterns of behavior – for instance, related to diet, physical activity, substance use, and sexual activity – that can protect their health and the health of others around them, or put their health at risk now and in the future.

To grow and develop in good health, adolescents need information, including age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education; opportunities to develop life skills; health services that are acceptable, equitable, appropriate and effective; and safe and supportive environments. 

Child Care Health Consultation

The purpose of the Child Care Health Consultation (CCHC) Program is to enhance child care health, mental health, safety, and wellness practices for child care providers, children age newborn to kindergarten entry enrolled in childcare, and their families. This is done through the implementation of CCHC Program services. As Child Care Health Consultants, we provide the following services:

  • Health and Safety Consultations for child care providers.

  • Health Issue Trainings (Clock Hour Trainings) for child care providers.

  • Health Promotions for children in childcare.

  • CPR/FIRST Aid Training for child care providers.

For more information on the CCHC program, please reach out to our CCHC Coordinator.​

Daycare Center
Community Service

Reproductive Health Education

School-Based Reproductive Health Lessons

PCHC has qualified staff trained in presenting reproductive and sexual health education in a school-based setting. Education includes reproductive anatomy, STI/STD information, and methods of contraception including abstinence. We also have trained staff that can educate on dating violence, alcohol and substance use, as well as smoking/vaping.

Teen Outreach Program

Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program (TOP) is a nationally-recognized, evidence-based program empowering teens with the tools and opportunities to build social-emotional skills, strengthen relationships, and avoid risky behaviors. TOP promotes the positive development of adolescents through curriculum-guided, interactive group discussions; positive adult guidance and support; and community service learning. TOP is delivered by trained adult facilitators across a nine month period to groups of teens (called “TOP Clubs”).

In Pettis County, the TOP Program is available in four schools which include La Monte High School, La Monte Jr. High, Smith Cotton High School, and Smith Cotton Jr. High.

For more information on either program, please reach out to our Health Educator, Erica!

Safe Kids of West Central Missouri

Childhood Injury Prevention Coalition

Safe Kids of West Central Missouri is a childhood injury prevention coalition that consists of partners in Pettis, Benton, and Saline Counties. Partner organizations include the Benton County Health Department, the Saline County Health Department, Sedalia Fire Department, The Center for Human Services/Early Head Start.

Through Safe Kids, our office works to help families and communities keep kids safe from injuries. Preventable injuries are the #1 killer of kids in the United States. Throughout the world, almost one million children die of an injury each year, and almost every one of these tragedies is preventable.  Safe Kids works to reduce traffic injuries, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings and more. Some of the services and resources available through the Safe Kids program include:

Bicycle Safety/Helmet Education

Child Passenger Safety Education/Car Seat Installation

Gun Safety/Safe Storage

Fire Safety/Prevention

Household Safety Education

Medication Safety (Storage and Disposal)

Pedestrian/Railroad Crossing Safety

Water Safety

Services and Resources are available by appointment:

Monday – Thursday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Friday 10:00 am - 11:30 am 

*Cash/Check accepted. There is a 4% fee when using Credit/Debit ($2 minimum charged)


Biking Together
Family Garden

Youth Life Skills

The goal of the Youth Life Skills program is to improve social and emotional learning, and life skills. This is done through a variety of skill-building projects that focus on:

• Teamwork

• Goal-setting

• Communication

• Problem-solving

• Positive peer relationships

• Strong, supportive relationships with adults

Through this program, youth in our community have worked together to build a raised bed garden (located at the Pettis County Health Center). Weekly during the summer, young people come and care for the garden as well as work on other fun projects. 

The bulk of the programming does take place during the summer months, however we do have projects that can be done with groups throughout the year! If you have a group of young people that you would like to schedule life skills sessions for, please reach out to our Health Educator, Erica!

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